Glass without additional charge Name of glass Availibility
Planibel Line
Float clear (Planibel clear) In stock
Planibel bronze (Parsol bronze) In stock
Matt surface glass
Matelux In stock
Decorative glass
Crepi clear

In stock

Oak-bark clear In stock
Chinchila bronze In stock
Chinchila clear In stock
Cathedral MIN In stock
Krizet In stock
Silvit clear In stock


Glasses with additional charge Name of glass Availibility
Planibel Line Category C
Planibel blue On demand
Planibel grey On demand
Planibel green On demand
Decorative glass
Altdeutsch bronze On demand
Altdeutsch clear On demand
Delta clear In stock
Delta bronze On demand
Delta clear matt In stock
Flutes clear On demand
Flutes matt On demand
Cathedral MAX On demand
Oak-bark bronze Unavailable
Screen On demand
Silvit bronze On demand
Spotlyte On demand
Thela On demand
Security glass
Connex 3.3.1 In stock
Conex 3.3.1 with white matt colour (Milk)*
In stock
Connex 3.3.1 VSG LowE*
In stock
Wire glass
On demand
MasterGlass Line
Master Carre In stock
Master Lens On demand
Master Ligne On demand
Master Point On demand
Master Ray On demand
Master Shine On demand
Master Soft On demand
Reflective glass
Stopsol classic bronze In stock
Stopsol classic grey In stock
Stopsol supersilver clear In stock
Stopsol supersilver blue On demand

* Category C means glass has double surcharge.