Gava Plast 101+101/2

Plastic door infill panel  with sidelight - extra

Suitable for plastic and aluminium door

  • Available in 5 shades of white (for various profile systems)
  • Supplied in the following wood imitations
  • The thickness of the door infill panel ranges from 24 mm to 60 mm
  • For thickness from 36 mm, Core F is recommended
  • Suitable for plastic as well as aluminium door

The plastic door infill panels by GAVAplastare manufactured by sealing of shaped PVC boards and materials with thermal insulation properties. We use a specially developed and tested PVC material from an internationally renowned producer of plastics, designed exclusively for the manufacturing of door infill panels. By combining these materials with adequate structure of the core, we managed to eliminate the formation of surface fissures even in the case of infill panels located in places exposed to direct sun. PVC slabs are laminated  exclusively with cold foils. The used coloured plastic slabs are  made of cold plastic which absorbs a significantly lower amount of thermal radiation. For wood imitations, the core Izofix is usually recommended. In case of thickness of 36mm and more,  we recommend the Core F which can significantly reduce horizontal forces affected to the door infill panel. These forces are the result of the bimetallic effect caused by differences between temperatures in the exterior and interior. The sidelight also comes in its EXTRA version of which overall dimensions can reach 850mm x 2000mm. The EXTRA model is offered at a higher price.

The GAVA plast infill panels are supplied and cut to meet customer requirements,  but with maximum parameters of  850mm x 2000 mm and tolerance of ±2 mm. The sidelight is delivered with dimensions 430mm x 2000 mm and tolerance ±2 mm. 

Each infill panel is covered with a protective foil. The foil only serves for transportation and we do not recommend to leave it on the panel after it has been installed in the  door. External factors may cause a permanent  adherence of the foil to the panel within several days. 

Door infills with sandblasted glass

P3x12 + P1x12
P3x12 + P1x12
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